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Ask an Electrician: When Do You Need Electrical Rewiring?


Boca Raton, FL electricians are no stranger to electrical rewiring. When tropical storm season hits Florida, electricians across the state are giving residents rewiring that ensures their home electrical wiring will be strong enough to survive intense gusts of wind, a round of lightning, and frequent downpours. Power in homes across Boca Raton are often unprepared for the toll storms will take on their electrical systems, leaving families dealing with a storm in the dark.

Excel Electric is proud to provide a Boca Raton electrician who can provide an electrical rewiring that just doesn’t protect your home during storm season, but all year long. We’ll save your home from a total power failure, and maintain a steady flow of electricity in your home to boot. Our electricians can even replace your old, dangerous aluminum wiring with better, safer copper wiring.

Residential Electrician in Boca Raton FL

A Boca Raton Electrician Says, “Look for the Signs!”

While it may be hard to determine when exactly you need electrical rewiring, there are fortunately a few signs to help get to that realization. Here’s what to notice:

  • Frequent Power Outages: If you notice power outages are occurring in your home, this is a sign that your electrical system can’t handle the demand placed on it by your household’s energy use. It’s not strange, considering that older homes were built in a time that people had fewer devices such as entertainment centers, computers, phones and household appliances.
  • Lights Dimming: If the lights often dim unexpectedly, it indicated that the wiring is worn out and needs to be redone. Dimmed lights can catch you by surprise and occur at the most random times, but fortunately, a rewiring will leave you feeling more in control of your electricity and the amount of power coming into your home.
  • A Lack of Power Outlets: If you’re always using power strips in order to plug in your devices, your home wiring needs an upgrade to accommodate your power use. A professional electric service can also install three-prong outlets and help you ditch those old, hazardous two-prong outlets.
  • Broken/Switches Outlets: A lack of outlets is one thing, but broken outlets are huge hazards. In any instance that a user could be exposed to electricity, you need rewiring immediately. Oftentimes, exposed rewiring is a result of shoddy electrical work and will need to be fixed by a licensed electrician.

Contact Excel Electric today for a Boca Raton electrician to give your home an electrical rewiring.  If you’re looking to beat tropical storm season, then call us before the storm clouds roll in!

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