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When Should You Call for Electric Panel Services?

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Upgrading or replacing your electric panel must be done by the best professional service in the Delray Beach area, and that service should be Excel Electric. When you contact us for service, you can expect to be 100% satisfied with our work. Our team of electricians will always give you a free estimate before the work begins and since we’ve worked in the Delray Beach area for years, we know how to make sure your electric panel meets local codes and regulations.

Of course, knowing when to call for electric panel services in Delray Beach is entirely another matter. While it’s true that today’s electric panels are much safer and longer-lasting than panels of yesteryear, there will come a time when you need to upgrade them. Whatever the service, never hesitate to send a phone call our way!

Common Signs It’s Time for Electric Panel Services in Delray Beach, FL

There are plenty of signs telling you it’s time to call us for service, and it’s up to you as a responsible homeowner to call for service. To keep it simple, here are 5 signs it’s time to call Excel Electric for any work on your panel:

  1. Corroded or Broken Circuit Breakers: Any wear and tear on your circuit breakers at all is means for concern, as it could lead to frequent circuit trips and even a fire. Corroded circuit breaks can prevent you from getting full power in your home, so it’s best to undergo electric panel restoration altogether.
  2. Home Electrical Remodeling: Home electrical remodeling is time-consuming and requires you to consider the placement of all home electric fixtures, including all switches and outlets. An electric panel restoration may be needed if your current panel won’t fit with the new aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve with your home remodeling.
  3. Federal Pacific Panel: Federal Pacific equipped homes with their brand of electric panels between the years 1950 and 1990. While they proved popular at the time, they are now considered a hazard and it even resulted in Federal Pacific being successfully sued. If your home’s panel has the Federal Pacific name, then call us to replace it with a safer, brand new panel.
  4. Frequent Circuit Trips: When your home’s electrical system begins to experience more and more circuit trips, it may be a sign that it’s time to replace your electric panel. Trips occur when your electrical system is overwhelmed due to the amount of current needed for all your home’s electrical needs and if they happening frequently,
  5. Lack of Circuits: Sometimes the addition of a new computer or television requires an electric panel restoration to keep the power running. If you feel you need more circuit to cover your home’s growing number of appliances, then restoration is the best choice you can make.

Contact Excel Electric today if you need electric panel services in Delray Beach. Get improved electric power for your home thanks to our service!

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