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3 Great Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation in Jupiter, FL

Ceiling fan

When the temperature starts to rise, cooling your home becomes a frustrating necessity. Many people think that their only options are to run their air conditioner all day and watch their energy bills skyrocket or turn their air conditioner on as low as possible and sweat. Excel Electric wants homeowners to know that they have a third option. They specialize in ceiling fan installation in Jupiter, FL, and they’re here to spread the word that ceiling fans are effective methods of cooling your home, and that isn’t the only thing that they do. Here are three reasons why you should consider installing a ceiling fan in your property.

3 Great Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation in Jupiter, FL

  1. Cool For Less: Ceiling fans work by dispersing the air in the room to create a draft and make the space feel cooler. They don’t actually lower the temperature, but they do enough to make a stifling space more comfortable. Better still, they require minimal amounts of energy. By using a ceiling fan in place of an air conditioner, you could reduce your electric bill by up to 40%. For those really hot days, try turning your AC on low and using the fan to create a nice draft. You’ll still be saving money, and you’ll stay cool.
  2. Light it up: Most ceiling fan models also come with lights to create a beautiful, functional form of illumination. Ceiling fans come in all kinds of styles, and it won’t be hard to find one that combines effective cooling with beautiful lighting. Ceiling fan lights are easy to clean and work well in every room. From your living room to your bedroom, a ceiling fan will add a layered lighting design that can’t be achieved by any other kind of light fixture.
  3. Year-Round Function: Ceiling fans are often associated with cooling, but by running the blades clockwise, they also prove their worth during winter months. Warm air rises, and that means that when you heat your home, your ceiling gets warm before you do. Clockwise-running blades will push that warm air down so that your home heats up faster. Your heater won’t have to work as hard, because it isn’t wasting energy by heating the air above your head.

Ceiling fans are often underestimated home additions, but having them in your home will keep you comfortable while also adding value to your property. Ceiling fan installation in Jupiter, FL is an investment opportunity that will lead to long-term advantages. Call Excel Electric today to learn more about how you will benefit from scheduling a ceiling fan installation in Jupiter, FL.

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