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What Should You Consider Before Chandelier Installation

Chandelier installation

Chandelier installation in Jupiter, FL is exactly what you need to add a layer of luxury to your home. In fact, it can become your home’s focal piece, giving your property an alluring look that will pique the curiosity of any guest or passerby. Outside of its obvious benefits in terms of improved lighting and home value, there is no denying having a chandelier in your home just looks cool.  It can make any ordinary home into something regal and majestic.

Excel Electric can provide you with chandelier installation in Jupiter, FL that can give your home a brand new look and feel. We’re always interested in discovering new ways to make homes across Jupiter shine brighter than ever before, and we think a chandelier can give your home an extra spark. Of course, installing a 50-150 pound chandelier made of metal and crystal isn’t easy, but our team tries to install a chandelier as swiftly and smoothly as possible. We want to give you the quickest chandelier installation possible!

What Should You Know Before Chandelier Installation in Jupiter, FL?

Before you install, you need to make sure you are getting the perfect chandelier for your home. The last thing you want is to buy a chandelier that can’t even meet your needs, so please consider:

  • Sizing: The size of your chandelier should be in compliance with the size of your home. For any chandelier installed in a dining room, a chandelier should be above 30 to 32 feet above the table top. Any chandelier installed in the foyer should not hang more than 7 feet off the floor. Finding the right size for your chandelier is important both in ensuring personal safety and the best chandelier operation possible.
  • Lighting Demands: When installing a chandelier, think about how a chandelier will be able to meet your lighting demands. Are you looking to add a bit more flare to your dining room? Are you looking to make guests feel welcome? Or are you just looking for more lighting to help you function around the house a bit easier? Your lighting demands will help dictate where you install a chandelier in your home and what type of chandelier you install.
  • Aesthetic: Of course, you also don’t want to see your new chandelier stick out like a sore thumb. It should blend in seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home. Fortunately, chandeliers come in many different shapes and styles so you won’t be limited in terms of finding the right one for your home. With the right style, your chandelier can really make your home stand out.

Contact Excel Electric today if you need chandelier installation in Jupiter, FL. Our installation services can make your home look spectacular.

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