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3 Warning Signs You Need To Replace Smoke Detection

Smoke detector

Smoke detection in Delray Beach, FL can help you avoid some hazardous situations, but you need to make sure your smoke detection technology is up to date or else the consequences can be fatal. Many residential fires grow worse simply because their smoke detection technology hasn’t been updated. If you’re one of those homeowners who has put off smoke detection replacement, now is the time to do it to ensure a safer home for all.

Excel Electric is more than willing to provide you with the latest and greatest smoke detection in Delray Beach, FL. As with any our electrical services, we want to ensure your home safety, and there’s no better way to do that than installing a smoke detector that will keep the risk of residential fires to a low. With us, you’re always guaranteed a high level of security in your home!

When Should You Replace Smoke Detection in Delray Beach, FL?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Ironically enough, that saying can apply to your smoke detection. Call for replacement when you notice:

  1. No Sound: So you see smoke but your detector isn’t making a noise—what gives? The battery of the detector may still be in good working condition, even if the detector itself isn’t making a peep. It usually has something to do with the sensor of the detector. Though the sensor can be replaced, it’s much more cost-efficient in the long term to replace the detector altogether.
  2. Physical Damage: Your smoke detector may show a little wear and tear as it ages, but it’s cause for concern when the damage appears to be taking away from your smoke detector’s performance. You may notice damage like melted wires, singed insulation, significant cracking, and more. In this case, you need to call a professional for help, as you certainly don’t want to deal with faulty wiring without knowing the right safety precautions.
  3. Old Age: When really was the last time you replaced your smoke detector? If it’s been more than a decade, you may want consider replacing it to avoid any damage in the future. Even if your smoke detector works well in its old age, replacement is still the better and much safer option.

Contact Excel Electric today if you need to replace smoke detection in Delray Beach, FL in order to protect your home!

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