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3 Signs You Need Portable Generator Replacement


Is your current portable generator looking a little worse for wear as of late? Is it not providing you the same level of power as it once did? Are you looking to make some changes to this summer? The correct answer to this flurry of questions is portable generator replacement in Jupiter, FL. Yes, while it’s true your portable generator can supply you with power for a long, there will come a time when you need a new one. After all, let’s say you’re on a camping trip and your current generator can’t provide you with power when you’re in the midst of the wilderness—is that a situation you want to experience?

We’re guessing not, which is why you should seek portable generator replacement in Jupiter, FL from Excel Electric. We want to make sure you have a system that keeps supplying your family with power for many years ahead. Our team works quickly in replacing your old generator and guarantee you have a new system that works to the best of its abilities!

Portable Generator Replacement in Jupiter, FL: When Should You Call Us?

If you’re unsure whether you need replacement service from Excel Electric, there are a few indicators you can notice telling you the time for replacement is now, including:

  1. Slow Startup Time: Your portable generator should be able to run immediately after turning it on but if you notice it taking longer than usual to deliver power, it’s time to call one of our electricians and give the generator an inspection. We can make sure you have a generator that turns on immediately to provide you with power.
  2. Extensive Physical Damage: Your portable generator may show a little wear and tear as it ages, but it is means for concern when that physical damage is preventing it from working at its best. Anything from dents to cracks should be inspected by a professional. A damaged generator may also sport frayed wires or loose, disconnected parts. If you want to ensure your generator is running safely, you need to call for replacement immediately.
  3. Constant Leaks: Are you noticing puddles of oil, fuel, or coolant forming around your portable generator? In that case, you need to turn it into Excel Electric and replace it with a new one. Allowing leaks to persist is a serious waste of fuel and makes you spend so much more time than necessary refilling the generator.

Contact Excel Electric today if you need portable generator replacement in Jupiter, FL that will make your family feel safe and secure!

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