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3 Reasons to Get an Electrical Inspection in This Spring

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With spring on the horizon, many homeowners are beginning their annual spring cleaning rituals. While basement clean-outs and yard maintenance may be the top priorities for most homeowners this spring, having an electrical inspection in Jupiter, FL should become a top-of-mind activity every year during your annual clean-out. Below, our electrical professionals at Excel Electric compiled 3 reasons to get an electrical inspection in Jupiter, FL this spring.

Here are 3 Reasons to Get an Electrical Inspection in Jupiter FL This Spring       

  1. Plans for Remodeling: Home remodeling can be a fun and exciting activity for homeowners. Whether it be a large scale room remodel, or just annual appliance upgrades or small renovations, having an electrical inspection before you make any major modifications to your home is a smart move. Whether it be a preliminary check to make sure all your circuits are in order, or an electrical inspection to look into adding more outlets, having a professional look at your wiring before any major or minor renovations should be on any spring cleaning bucket list.
  1. Heating and Cooling Maintenance: Before hot months of summer work their way into the seasonal rotation, many homeowners will have their HVAC systems inspected to make sure their air conditioning is ready for the hot weather. While this will make sure the HVAC unit is in order, having an electrical inspection will alert homeowners of any potential electrical issues that could lead them to deal with hot weather without AC.
  1. Warning Signs of Electrical Issues: If your home has had any signs of electrical issues over the winter, it’s definitely time to get an electrical inspection this spring. Signs of electrical issues can range from flickering lights to commonly tripped circuit breakers, or more seriously, shocks from electrical switches and or smoke coming from outlets. Having an electrical inspection can alert homeowners to some of these issues, resolving them before they become homeowner-headaches down the road.

This year, add an electrical inspection to your spring cleaning to-do list. For a fast and effective electrical inspection in Jupiter, FL this spring, call Excel Electric today.

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