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5 Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting to Consider

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Outdoor safety lighting is one of the most important home electrical safety features. Come nightfall, your home’s exterior should be brightly lit to both enhance its aesthetic well beyond sundown and improve safety. After all, even with advancements in-home safety technology, the rate of break-ins remains at a high. Homes across the United States are broken into every 18 seconds, according to the FBI. Many break-ins would be easily avoided if more homeowners invested in outdoor safety lighting options like motion sensors and pathway lighting. Not to mention, your property value will take a considerable dip without any exterior lighting. No potential buyer will even consider a home not equipped with lighting keeping them and their entire family safe. All of these problems will snowball the longer you wait to call for professional lighting installation, so it’s better to be proactive and call for service immediately. When your family’s well-being is at risk, you should always be willing to go the extra mile.

How Can Excel Electric Help You?

Excel Electric should be your number one choice for any lighting installation you need this season. Our team of electricians will provide you with high-quality installation services ensuring your electrical needs are met. We want all homes across the area to remain safe and sound, and our electricians are more than willing to do whatever it takes to guarantee just that. Before we conduct any installation work, we can consult with you in determining what type of lighting will be just right for your home. If you have any questions on electrical services needing to be addressed, we will also be able to answer them. Once we’re all set and done, you can expect nothing but 100% safety this fall. Our work helps boost property value, enhance home aesthetic, and most importantly, offers protection for the whole family. Imagine relaxing in your home this fall without any worry about home break-ins. You can make that possible once you call Excel Electric for service.

5 Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting

If you want outdoor safety lighting, but are not sure what to install, the team at Excel Electric recommends you consider installing any of these 5 types of outdoor safety lighting:

  1. Pathway Lighting: The front of your home may seem like an unlikely place for intruders to break in but if it lacks essential lighting, it may become much more of a prime destination for intruders to enter. Though pathway lighting will be useful for decorative purposes, it will provide a sufficient amount of lighting for situations where you need to evacuate your home. It will provide plenty of light so you can exit and have light to guide you to safety. This will ensure you are not tripping over anything and injuring yourself.
  2. Outdoor Hanging Lights: Similarly, outdoor hanging lights are great for protecting the front of your home. They can be installed on front porches and doorways. In the event an intruder tries to break in through the front, these lights will flash on immediately and ensure they will be less likely to enter. They also do an excellent job of highlighting the architectural features on the front of your home, increasing property value and catching the eye of passers-by due to your home’s enhanced features.
  3. Motion Sensors: Out of any type of outdoor safety lighting, motion sensors are definitely a must-have. They have the ability to startle an intruder with how quickly they flash on, as they will detect any signs of movement immediately. You should install these close to your home for the best and most effective usage.
  4. Flood Lights: Floodlights are incredibly effective in making your home shine brightly at night. The benefits for home aesthetic are obvious, giving you the opportunity to cast up and down lighting to enhance the trees and shrubbery on your property. Not only will this give intruders virtually no place to hide, but it also makes your home immediately stick out.
  5. Post Lanterns and Torches: Though this type of decorative lighting will be able to provide adequate lighting for any pool parties or barbecues, not only do they make your backyard look great, they also have amazing safety benefits. Since intruders commonly try to enter the home through the backyard with the understanding that it will be easier to enter, these lights will dissuade them from doing so and cast immediate detection.

If you are still unsure about whether any of these options would be right for your home, you should make a point to get a hold of your local electrician for further consultation. An electrician with years of experience will be much more likely to lead you down the right path. You can’t throw your money in any direction, so a professional will be able to provide assistance in getting you lighting worth every dollar.

Enjoy The Security That Outdoor Safety Lighting Brings – Schedule Your Installation Today

With that in mind, contact Excel Electric today if you want to learn more on how to keep your home safe and sound this season with outdoor safety lighting!

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