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Spring Electrical Safety Tips

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As the weather gets nicer and temperatures continue to rise, it’s likely that you will be spending more time outdoors. You may be working in the garden, mowing the lawn, or hanging out by a pool, but no matter what you’re up to, you should take precaution when using outdoor electricity. Tools and appliances should be used and stored properly when not in use, and kept away from water. Here are some electrical safety tips to follow this spring:

  • Keep electrical equipment dry at all times. This applies to cords, wires, tools, and any other electric device. Pools, garden hoses, sprinklers-they all need to be separated from electrical appliances and equipment.
  • Watch out for power lines. This one may be obvious, but accidents do happen. When your trimming tree limbs, climbing a ladder or installing a satellite dish, make sure that there aren’t any low-hanging wires nearby.
  • Inspect all of your power tools and electric lawnmower. Look for any obvious damages – Frayed wires, loose connections, or any other areas of wear and tear should be fixed. Not only can they affect the how efficiently your equipment works, but damages are a safety hazard as well. Avoid using damaged electrical equipment until it’s been fixed, and always store them in a dry place.
  • Leave digging projects to the professionals. Depending on how deep you plan to go, there may be underground cables. A majority of your plumbing is located underground as well, so when in doubt – don’t hesitate to ask a professional.
  • Keep electric mowers off of wet grass. It may cool down after a rainstorm, but that doesn’t mean you can mow your lawn with an electric mower. Be sure that your extension cord is able to meet the rating requirements as well.
  • Always unplug when the job is done. Always unplug your outdoor tools when you aren’t using them! After use, be sure to store them properly as well.
  • Stay far, far away from downed power lines. Never touch them, and always call your local utility or emergency services if you see that one is down.
  • Try not to plant under power lines or near electrical equipment. As bushes or trees grow, they may disrupt electrical appliances or systems.
  • Replace damaged equipment. Any broken equipment can be hazardous, so if its beyond repair, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

How Excel Electric Can Help

We offer a wide range of safety services, including code compliance checks and surge protection. If you have any questions or concerns about your electrical safety this spring or summer, give us a call. Our highly trained and certified technicians will help you stay safe.

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