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Ask a Jupiter Electrician: When is it Time for Rewiring?

Technician working on panels

Technology is moving faster than ever these days. Like the rest of us, your family is reaping the benefits of all the latest electrical appliances and gadgets that are all plugged into your home’s electrical system. But what happens when your wiring system can’t handle all the power?

If your home’s electrical wiring system isn’t ready to support the power of today’s modern gizmos and appliances, your family and property are at serious risk of possible electrocutions and fires. Some of the red flags that it’s time for a full rewiring job are:

  • Flickering lights that often don’t even turn on at all
  • Circuit breakers or fuse boxes that are always tripping
  • Weird buzzing noises coming from our electrical switches and outlets
  • Burned areas surrounding your outlets
  • Switches and outlets that keep dying throughout your house
  • Areas of your home aren’t receiving a proper flow of electricity

If you observe any one of these warning signs, contact our electricians in Jupiter right away to use our rewiring services to modernize your electrical system.

Features of our Rewiring Services in Jupiter, FL

Feeding off years of experience and training in residential electrical systems, our electricians in Jupiter feature the following as part of our rewiring services:

  • Professional licenses and insurance to be ready to cover an electrical job
  • Straight-up and honest prices that are competitive and reasonable
  • Emergency response time 24/7 for any electrical wiring problem
  • Installation of reliable and energy-efficient aluminum wiring

 Benefits of our Rewiring Services in Jupiter, FL

Installation of a modern wiring system capable of supporting all your most technologically-advanced appliances from our electricians in Jupiter will give you the following benefits:

  • Increased reliability, sustainability and efficiency in your electrical system
  • Decreased costs of electric bills by switching from copper to aluminum wire
  • Extended lifespans of all your electronic devices and appliances along with more efficient operation
  • Safe environment for your family to relax and enjoy the best technology has to offer

Give our licensed electricians at Excel Electric a call today for all your rewiring needs in Jupiter!

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