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Landscape Lighting: 5 Ideas from the Local Experts

Backyard lighting

Living in Florida, you, your family, and your friends may spend a lot of time outside in your yard. You probably want to create stunning landscape scenery around your home to behold day and night. No better way to do that than with our outdoor landscape lighting solutions at Excel Electric!

Our landscape lighting specialists bring our years of electrical experience to your home to help turn your landscape lighting dreams to reality. We want you to showcase your garden areas, yards, and your home itself in the right lighting to show everything off. Our professional electricians know how to manipulate outdoor lighting to highlight the beautiful layout and design of the unique exterior of your house, as well as installing any type of exterior lighting you need.

5 Ideas for your Landscape Lighting in Boca Raton, FL

Our landscape lighting specialists in Boca Raton want to offer up these 5 ideas that we hope will help turn your lighting dreams into a reality.

  1. Define the Reason for Your Landscape Lighting.
    Outlining your plan to illuminate your backyard the way you want will help you determine everything, including your budget. Highlight the features that are must-haves, perhaps a water fountain or koi pond. This will help you figure out the best first steps and approach.
  2. Draw Out a Sketch of Your Yard.
    Sketch out everything on paper. Include your existing lighting, building structures, benches, trees, bushes, stones, and other decorations. Keep in mind that everything either reflects or absorbs light.
  3. Determine Where Each Light Should Point.

Each area of your yard may demand a different mood, so you’ll want your lighting to reflect that. A lit up pathway could call for a soft mood, and a fireplace or a two-person bench could call for some romantic lighting.

  1. Decide How Much Time & Effort You Want to Spend.
    Money is one thing, but if you want lights with wires that are hidden, some major excavation will most likely need to be made. Make sure to confirm all these needs before any construction begins.
  2. Set Your Budget and Make It Happen!
    Prioritize the components you absolute want and their prices. You may find you don’t need or want certain things due to the pricing alone. For example, consider the differences between high-voltage landscape lighting and low-voltage landscape lighting. We strongly recommend solar lighting because it will cost you less in the long run.

Call our experts at Excel Electric today to make all your landscape lighting dreams in Boca Raton come true!

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