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Holiday Electrical Troubleshooting

Holiday lights

Electrical troubleshooting should be atop your holiday to-do list this year. Perhaps you’re more concerned with gift-wrapping and spending time with family right now, but how can you expect to enjoy the holiday season without working electricity? Electrical issues can be even more concerning if you are planning to have guests over this year. A key part of entertaining often goes without saying. You need to ensure you have working electricity! As you can imagine, it would be a little tough for guests to enjoy their stay with lights flickering, and outlets that are too outdated to be valuable. Even if you’re not throwing a holiday party at your house, a lack of proper maintenance may make this season your least enjoyable to date. The winter already sees higher costs on electrical bills, and allowing any lingering electrical problems to go unfixed may increase costs even more. When you add in the holiday lighting adorning the outside of your home, your electric bills may begin to interfere with your holiday budget. Not to mention, your home may also become a safety risk. The Red Cross reports that 47,000 fires happen during the winter season. Many of these fires occur due to outdated outlets that are not properly grounded. These issues mean the outlets are unable to protect your system against sparks, shocks, or even electrocution. Dealing with electrical issues should not be the way you wind up spending the holidays. If you want to ensure a joyous season, you need to take action immediately.

How Can Excel Electric Help You?

Fortunately, Excel Electric is here to make sure your electrical needs are met before the holiday festivities begin. Our team of local electricians can provide a wide range of electrical troubleshooting services throughout the holiday season to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Your home electrical system will benefit from our maintenance, which means your loved ones will also benefit from the safety it brings. We can closely inspect your home down to the last detail, ensuring even the smallest, hard-to-find issues are fixed. This will eliminate any safety hazards that may be present in your home. With the help of Excel Electric, you will be able to save more on electrical bills, allowing you to gear your savings towards surprising your family with the gifts they deserve. We will also help you avoid electrical issues, such as power surges, so you can enjoy a more consistent flow of electricity. Best of all, our troubleshooting work will be keeping your family safe from the threat of fires and electrocution. Once you know everyone’s well-being is in check, you can begin to experience a season of peace & joy!

7 Helpful Tips for Electrical Troubleshooting

You certainly don’t want to spend the holidays worrying over your electricity, so take note of these 7 troubleshooting tips:

  1. Inspect Holiday Lighting: The holiday lighting outside your home is likely spreading holiday cheer all around. However, something may be lurking underneath the façade, and could possibly be threatening the safety of your entire household. It is extremely important to inspect all holiday to ensure there is no damaged or frayed wiring.
  2. Upgrade Outlets: There are several homes today still equipped with outdated, two-prong outlets. Since these outlets are not designed to handle modern electrical demands, they will immediately put your home at risk for a fire. If you notice your home features outdated outlets, it is extremely important to call your local electrician immediately and ask about the benefits of upgrading.
  3. Install Additional Outlets: Are you in a situation where you have too many appliances and not enough outlets? Then you may want to consider making additions. Contact your local electrician at Excel Electric to determine how many outlets you will need and where they should be installed.
  4. Install Whole Home Surge Protection: You should definitely consider whole home surge protection if you want to avoid power surges. They may not seem like a big deal, but these surges can damage both your appliances and outlets. Whole home surge protection will ensure the ability to utilize all your most essential appliances during the holiday season, without worrying that power will suddenly be cut off.
  5. Install GFCI Outlets: A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) will protect your family, pets and house guests from the threat of electrocution. GFCI outlets are designed to shut off power when they sense any irregular current, most commonly in areas where water and electricity are bound to mix like kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re looking for extra protection from electrical hazards, make this a must-have for your home.
  6. Replace Aluminum Wiring: Though a sudden spike in copper during the ‘60s resulted in aluminum wiring becoming a more popular option, it has since been proven unsafe and will put homes at higher risk of experiencing a fire. Homeowners should consider calling a professional electrician for electrical rewiring in order to equip their homes with copper wiring instead.
  7. Call Excel Electric for Maintenance: As mentioned earlier, our team at Excel Electric is ready to provide you with high-quality maintenance service. Our electricians will inspect your home down to the last detail to ensure even the smallest issues are fixed, before they blossom into something much worse. Excel Electric’s electrical troubleshooting won’t just guarantee safety for the holidays, but also for the next 12 months.

Ensure a Safe and Cost-Effective Holiday Season This Year With Exel Electric’s Electrical Troubleshooting!

Contact Excel Electric today if you want to ensure a happier holiday season! Ask about our high-quality electrical troubleshooting!

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