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When Should You Consider an Electric Panel Upgrade?

Electrician working on box

If you haven’t had an electrical panel upgrade within the last ten years, consider having a  professional electrician come to your Jupiter home for an assessment.

It’s a modern world shouldn’t your electrical panel be too?

A lot has changed in the world of technology in the last ten years. People have more televisions in their homes and personal electronics than ever before. More devices mean a higher demand for power and outlets alike. With an electrical panel upgrade, you can increase the number of outlets in your home as well as where they are located. With an electrical panel upgrade there will be no more crawling on your hands and knees or squeezing behind furniture to get to an outlet. You can even get specially designed outlets with USB ports installed in your Jupiter home.

More gadgets more drama

Adding more outlets to your home can certainly reduce the number of fights over who gets to charge their smartphone or tablet first. However, more outlets do not equate to more electricity, just more places for it to go. If circuits trip and fuses (you still have a fuse box? We’ll get to that in a bit…) blow, when you’re trying to use a blow dryer and a hair straightener at the same time, it’s time to consider an electrical panel upgrade for your Jupiter home.

Chances are your circuits are tripping because your electrical panel doesn’t have enough power to support them or the circuit itself cannot meet the power demand. An experienced and reliable electrician, like the professionals at Excel Electric, can come to your home and help determine what is causing the problem and whether you need an electrical panel upgrade or if circuit rewiring will suffice.

Your Jupiter home still has a fuse box?

Circuit breakers started replacing fuse boxes in the mid-1960s. So, if there is a fuse box in your home chances are it’s been there for quite some time. As mentioned before, we have a lot more gadgets. Walk into almost any restaurant in Jupiter and you are bound to find three or four people taking pictures of food with their phones. Fuse boxes typically have a 60-amp capacity. Most modern households use on around 200 amps. So, aside from the fact that fuse boxes are an outdated technology and could be in need of serious repair do to 40 years of use, they might not be providing enough power for you and your family.

We can all appreciate the adage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” However, you may not realize how much of an improvement to your overall comfort an electrical panel upgrade can be. If you’re not sure or want to talk about your options call Excel Electric. We’re local to the Jupiter area, so when we say we’ll provide you with high-quality, honest service, you can bet that’s what we deliver.

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