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5 Upgrades To Consider For Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting

Did you know that upgrading the landscape lighting in your Jupiter home not only makes your home safer and more pleasurable, but it also adds value?

Awesome Possibilities with Landscape Lighting in Jupiter

That’s right! So many people fail to appreciate the fact that a well-maintained property uses its surrounding property as an extension of the home. That means it needs to be safe, aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient. Here are some cost-effective upgrades you can easily have done to your landscape lighting.

  1. Motion sensor floodlights. Safety first, as they say, and that’s why the first upgrade you should think of is placing floodlights by your garage, shed, and other entrances that would otherwise be dark. Make sure they’re triggered by motion sensors; that way, you don’t spend a fortune on electricity but you can be sure that when an uninvited guest tries to enter your property, he or she risks stepping into the spotlight!
  2. Driveway lighting. Especially if your home is set back from the road, adding solar-powered driveway lighting can add safety, as well as curb appeal, to your property.
  3. Light paths. If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your landscaping, why should you limit your enjoyment of your garden to the sunlight hours? Place LED lights along the paths, and your yard suddenly becomes the perfect place for a quiet stroll or a romantic sojourn with your significant other.
  4. Outdoor room lighting. If you’ve created outdoor rooms where you can relax and enjoy some music, read a book or just relax and gaze at the stars, installing some energy-efficient, stylish lighting creates a spectacular night-time hideaway.
  5. Water feature lighting. Who doesn’t love an elegant water feature? Then why not make your fountain even more sophisticated by installing special lighting?

Talk to Excel Electric About Landscape Lighting in Jupiter

If you’re interested in installing upgrades to your landscape lighting, contact Excel Electric. We’ll work with you from design to installation to achieve that dream garden you’ve always wanted. Call now, and come spring, your garden will have a whole new brighter look!

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