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5 Safety Tips From Our Boynton Beach, FL Electrician

Lightning striking over house

As your Boynton Beach electrician, we strongly believe that it’s not only our responsibility to provide you with the very best electrical services, but also to provide you with trustworthy tips and advice. In this blog post, we want to focus on electrical safety in and around the home.

Your Boynton Beach, FL Electrician Is Concerned for Your Safety

When we visit our customers’ homes, we frequently see things that amount to serious electrical hazards. Keep the following five tips in mind:

  1. If you’re not a licensed electrician, do not try to perform any electrical repairs yourself! Especially with DIY-videos freely available on the Internet nowadays, more and more people try to fix electrical issues themselves. We can’t emphasize enough how dangerous this can be. Working with electricity requires in-depth knowledge and substantial training—and you’re not going to get either of those from a quick Google search. So be smart and leave electrical repairs to the professionals!
  2. If you need to use power strips, make sure they’re surge protected. Oftentimes, people use power strips when their homes don’t have enough outlets. Ensuring the strips are surge protected will add a layer of protection to your devices and help prevent electrical fires.
  3. Never leave electrical wiring exposed. If a power socket or switch is broken, or if you’re having repairs or upgrades performed, always make sure the wiring is properly sealed off. Keep children and pets out the way while work is still being done on the wiring.
  4. Check equipment power cords for damage before use. Power cords for appliances often see a lot of wear and tear. For example, a vacuum cleaner’s cord can snag on something and damage the wires. Always be aware of the condition of the cords.
  5. Instruct your children about electrical safety. Every child needs to know the basics of electrical safety: don’t stick your hands in sockets, don’t operate appliances without an adult present, avoid exposed wiring, and always keep electrical devices away from water.

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