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4 Portable Generator Maintenance Tips

portable generator

Portable generators can come in handy for a wide range of purposes. Now that we are officially in storm season, a portable generator can provide last-minute power even during a rough bout of wind and rain. If you’re planning to do some camping this summer, it can also provide some conveniences from home, such as supplying power to coffee makers when you want a cup of java as you’re basking in the great outdoors. It can even provide power to small businesses and construction sites.

However, if you expect it to perform all these functions, then you need to consider portable generator maintenance to keep it running. Like any appliance, your portable generator will need maintenance on a regular basis if you expect to deliver the same high-quality power.

Here are 4 portable maintenance tips you can do:

Clean Before Usage

Before using a portable generator, it’s important to rid it of any dirt or debris. Use a clean lint-free cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt off the surface. If there are any stains on the generator, dampen the cloth with warm water to remove them.

Change the Oil 

You will need to change the oil as regularly as required by the manufacturer. With new generators, you will most likely need to change the oil after the first 25 hours of running time. Oil will then need to be changed every 50 to 60 hours. Use a funnel to insert oil into the generator in order to avoid a mess.

Run the Generator Once a Month

Every month, pour a gallon of fuel into the generator and run it to ensure it’s working to the best of its abilities. Keep it running for a half-hour and be on the lookout for noticeable issues (strange noises, slow startup, leaks, etc.). If there is a problem, call a professional for help. This will go a long way in ensuring your generator works for years and prevent you from spending more money on repairs.

Remove Old Fuel

Stale fuel is one of the leading causes of generator failure. It is recommended to empty the generator’s fuel tank following storm season. Manufacturers will also advise using a fuel stabilizer to prevent any fuel breakdown. Keeping fuel fresh is key to a working portable generator that won’t quit on you at the worst possible time.

Contact Excel Electric today if you want to learn more about portable generator maintenance in Jupiter, FL and we can help ensure your generator is working to the best of its abilities!

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