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Electrical Troubleshooting: 4 Tips for Homeowners

Electrician working on box

Electrical troubleshooting is simply the process of eliminating varying issues to uncover the cause of the particular problem you’re experiencing. There’s a lot involved in your home’s electrical wiring system. Here’s a list of a few common troubleshooting tips most Jupiter, FL homeowners will benefit from.

1. Be safe. Electricity is rarely a do-it-yourself project. The most important troubleshooting tip we can offer is to leave anything remotely intricate to professional electricians. Exposed electric wiring can be dangerous if not handled correctly. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Keep that in mind.

2. Check the breakers and fuses in your home. Sometimes a fix can be as simple as a resetting a tripped circuit breaker or replacing a blown fuse. Circuit breakers are intended to provide an extra level of safety in the event that you overload your circuits. You can easily avoid fire risks or electrical shock by ensuring your circuit breakers are in good working order.

3. Try this neat, little trick – take the temperature of your outlets. Just like you would with a sick child, place your hand over your outlets to see if they’re warm. They should be cool to the touch. Outlets that are warm or hot indicate a potential problem.

4. Don’t use too many strip surge protectors. In the digital age we live in where homes have multiple laptops, tablets, smartphones and appliances, it can be easy to overload available outlets. Too many surge protectors indicate an inadequate outlet or power supply. This is an easy repair for an electrician to remedy.

5. Flickering candlelight can be romantic. Flickering electric lights can be troubling. It usually means you have too many electronics and appliances pulling on one circuit. If you notice any of the above issues, give us a call right away.

Excel Electric has all the knowledge and skill you need to provide safe, reliable electrical troubleshooting in Jupiter, FL. You can depend on us to keep your home safe and well lit.

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