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The 6 Electrical Upgrades You Need This Fall

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Florida may not feel the full brunt of fall’s chillier temperatures like other parts of the country, but it is nonetheless important to call Excel Electric for electrical upgrades before the season arrives. If you do not call now, you may have to prepare yourself for a long season full of safety hazards, power loss, and reduced efficiency. With storm season still in effect, there is still some time for intense wind and rain to hit that will leave you without access to your most essential lights and appliances. Hurricane Hermine recently brought power loss to several areas of the state, so you need to prepare for other any other storm headed our way.

With that said, you can ensure a season of safety and convenience once a licensed, fully-trained electrician from Excel Electric provides upgrades that bring your home to new heights. If you live in an older home, you need upgrades immediately so you remain protected throughout the season, especially when your current fixtures are most likely outdated an unsafe. If you just moved into a home, there is a chance you may be unsure of your electrical system’s capabilities, so perhaps some upgrades will be needed just in case. Either way, our team of electricians will always be there to help you.

What Electrical Upgrades Should You Consider?

No upgrades at this time of year may mean you spend the season navigating through your home with flashlights and candles. However, it may be tough deciding on what upgrades would be perfect for your home. In that case, if you make upgrades at all this season, we recommend you definitely these 6 before anything else this fall:

  1. Electrical Service Panel Upgrades: Simply put, if you go without an electrical service panel upgrade long enough, you may not have an electrical system at all. Your electrical service panel is the heart and soul of your home’s electrical system. It is single-handedly responsible for distributing electrical power evenly for all lights and appliances. Though it can last you a long time, it is time for an upgrade once it surpasses the 20-year mark. Upgrading will lower the risk of power loss and, at worst, electrical fires. It will also prevent any damage to your appliances so you are not spending money on replacement.
  2. Outdoor Lighting Installation: Storms, fires, and electrical shocks are not the only dangers you risk this fall without electrical upgrades. There is still the ever-present threat of break-ins which, according to FBI reports, occur every 15 seconds in the United States, one of the highest of any country in the world. While outdoor lighting upgrades can improve home aesthetic, they also prove incredibly useful in protecting your home. The best solution is to call an electrician at Excel Electric who can help determine what lighting upgrades are needed for your home so you can relax without worrying if a burglar will find their way indoors.
  3. Whole Home Surge Protection: Contrary to popular belief, a Category 5 hurricane is not a requirement for a power surge to occur. It really occurs at any time when too much energy is going to your appliances, without anything to regulate it. There are still many homeowners who go without surge protection, thinking their home will not experience a surge whatsoever. But do not fall into a similar trap and instead, take action in preventing it. Call an electrician at Excel Electric who can provide you with whole home surge protection that ensures you continue to use your most essential appliances without interruption.
  4. GFCI Outlet Installation: The threat of accidental electrocution will remain high if you do not seek ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installation. A GFCI outlet is responsible for shutting off power when it senses a stark contrast between the input and output current in your home. If not, this will allow the irregular flow to continue and potentially result in some getting electrocuted one they come into contact with a faulty outlet. Getting this upgrade for your bathroom, garage, and kitchen will not just result in better electrical performance, but also save your life.
  5. Smoke & CO Detectors: And speaking of life-saving, you need modern smoke & carbon monoxide detectors in your home immediately, if you have not yet done so already. There is nothing more terrifying than smoke and carbon monoxide going undetected when everyone in your household is asleep in the middle of the night. The cost of a residential fire is too mighty to simply leave your home without state-of-the-art detection that will alert you of even the smallest traces of a problem. Get detection now that will ensure you are kept alert throughout the entire season.
  6. Switches & Outlets: Older, unsafe outlets usually feature two prongs instead of modern three-prong outlets. These two-pronged outlets can no longer keep up with today’s electrical demands and need to be replaced immediately. You also need to upgrade switches & outlets if they sport physical damage significant enough that it actually prevents them from working at their best. These switches & outlets may even be hot to the touch or dangerous to touch at all without getting shocked. When upgrading outlets, you may also want to consider updating them with durable, plastic covers to keep naturally curious pets and small children from harm.

These upgrades should cover a wide range of electrical needs, whether it be for safety or changes to home aesthetic. Even if you feel your home will be fine without them this fall, it is always worth considering. Electrical upgrades can bring you much better peace of mind, reduced spending, and even improved property value. Plus, when your family’s safety is on the line, you need to make their needs are met as well so you can all enjoy the season under one roof.

If any of these upgrades sound amazing to you, contact Excel Electric today if you need electrical upgrades that will provide improved safety, better efficiency, and all-around comfort!

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