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10 Questions to Ask Your Contractor before Electrical Repair


Electrical repair is vital if you expect to live comfortably in your Jupiter, FL home. When lights begin flickering, outlets begin misbehaving, and circuits start tripping, you need to call up a licensed electrician to fix those problems immediately. But don’t just think calling any professional will do the trick. Unfortunately, not everyone claiming to be an electrician is actually qualified to provide the quality work that your home needs. While there are plenty of good electricians out there ready to help you, you need to watch out for the scam artists who are more interested in how money they can make off you. An inexperienced or unlicensed contractor may also provide faulty installation or repair work that makes a replacement or further repairs necessary. This can become quite costly, not to mention hiring a person who provides low-quality work can raise a number of safety concerns for you and your family. Before the wrong electrician brings you headache after headache, you need to ask questions before hiring. If you want to make sure you are getting electrical service worth every penny, showing a little bit more consideration in who you hire for service can go a long way ensuring you get the high-quality you deserve.

Why Should You Call Excel Electric?

If you’re looking for highly reliable electrical service in Jupiter, FL, you should make Excel Electric your first choice. We have a team of licensed, fully-trained electricians who will provide high-quality work for any need whether it be rewiring or switch & outlet installation. We give you upfront pricing so there are no curve balls when it comes to pricing and will consult with you before we conduct any electrical work. Also, thanks to our amazing customer service, you can ask us any question and be sure to get an answer that’s to your liking. After all, you need to make your electricity is working and incredibly safe, especially when it can put your family’s well-being at risk if anything goes wrong. With our help, you will be able to live in your home conveniently and worry less about any electrical emergencies, especially when you’re receiving an electrical service in Jupiter, FL you can trust for anything.

The 10 Questions YOU Should be Asking

Before you go right ahead and have that contractor work on your home, make sure you ask them these 10 questions to ensure you’re getting the right electrician:

  1. How many years of experience do you have? Even if the electrician is licensed, they may not have enough experience to provide the service you need. Experienced professionals not only know how to provide effective electrical repair, but they also excel at customer service. By asking about their years of experience in the field, you can determine how qualified they are to handle your particular project.
  2. Are you licensed? When searching for an electrician, you want to make sure they have a valid electrical contractor’s license. This shows that the electrician has the necessary education and training to perform quality work as they are being held to high standards required to become a licensed professional.
  3. Do you offer warranties/rebates? Ask the contractor whether the parts, labor, or both are under warranty. An effective and experienced electrician will offer a warranty on their products and services because they are confident in the quality and effectiveness of their work.
  4. Do you have insurance? In addition to a license, you want to make sure that the electrician has bonding and insurance given the high liability for this type of work. There are many risks to hiring an unlicensed electrician, including faulty work.
  5. What are your service fees? Ask about all of the fees involved in the project before you choose a contractor. You don’t want to end up with any surprise expenses after the project is finished so make sure to ask for a detailed cost estimate including all service fees and incidental costs.
  6. What work will you perform? The person that you speak with initially may not be the one performing the actual work. Make sure you ask upfront what work will be performed and by who. If you feel that your project requires a master electrician’s expertise, make sure that the person performing the work has these qualifications.
  7. Do you offer estimates? Any quality electrician will provide a cost estimate before they begin work. In addition to the work itself, there may be other costs involved with incidentals such as repairing drywall or other factors that may be impacted by the electrical work. If you call Excel Electric, you’ll be delighted to know we offer free estimates.
  8. What is your availability? In addition to finding a qualified and experienced electrician, you also want to make sure that the contractor is available to complete the project within your timeline. No matter the job, you have time constraints, and you need to make sure they are met.
  9. What work will you perform? Make sure you ask upfront what electrical repair work will be performed and by who. If you feel that your project requires a master electrician’s expertise, make sure that the person on the job has enough qualifications.
  10. May I see the work in progress? Depending on the nature and extent of your project, you may want to ask the contractor if you can see a work in progress at a current job. By taking a look at the contractor’s electrical repair work, you can get a better understanding of their methodology and process.

Contact Excel Electric today if you want to live comfortably in your Jupiter, FL home thanks to our high-quality electrical repair!

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