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How to Improve Your Home with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting

Electrical troubleshooting in Jupiter, FL is vital in making sure your home’s electricity continues to work efficiently. It is especially important to troubleshoot landscape lighting which not only serves to brighten up your property, but also works as a way to keep your home safe. The chances of intruders breaking into your home skyrockets if your home lacks any lighting, and that’s certainly not a risk you will want to take.

Another pain associated with a lack of landscape lighting is that it may have a negative effect on your property value. Potential home buyers will be less likely to look at a home that doesn’t have its bases covered in terms of protection against intruders, and a lack of landscape lighting will sink your home’s value faster than you imagine. But before you allow that to happen, you should take action immediately in making your home brighter, and safer, than ever before.

Calling Excel Electric for Electrical Troubleshooting in Jupiter, FL

At Excel Electric, we offer a wide variety of landscape lighting options including integrated LED lighting that prevent sockets from burning up and completely sealed lighting fixtures that keep out insects. Our installation is non-evasive, and we offer 10,000 hour, 10 year and lifetime warranties. In addition, if you’re currently experiencing any issues, we will conduct troubleshooting to ensure lighting continues to work to the best of its abilities. Your safety is our highest priority to our electricians. We don’t just better your landscape lighting; we guarantee a better peace of mind knowing your home will stay protected.

5 Essential Types of Landscape Lighting

If you need troubleshooting on any type of landscape lighting, please consider upgrading to or fixing these excellent additions to your home:

  1. LED Lighting: LED lighting is efficient both in cost and energy. We offer lighting at Excel Electric using 75% less wattage than regular bulbs. LED bulbs don’t include any toxic chemicals and can last you even longer than your ordinary light bulb. They are also incredibly effective in providing your home with a comfortable atmosphere best fit for your specifications!
  2. Pathway Lighting: Whether you need lighting to guide you as you walk into your home at night, or looking to welcome any house guests walking to your doorstep, pathway lighting will both brighten up pathways and keep you safe in the event you need to leave your home in the event of an emergency.
  3. Motion Sensor Lighting: Motion sensors are by far the most effective type of landscape lighting in terms of keeping your home safe. These are automatic lights that will turn on when motion is detected. They are typically installed in driveways and outside garages to alert you when a member of your household comes home and or a guest has arrived. Make this a must-have for your home, especially when you consider it will keep intruders far, far away.
  4. Deck Lighting: A relaxing night on the deck is made even more possible with lighting that boosts your home’s atmosphere and let intruders know your home is occupied. Deck lighting is available in many different forms so you’re bound to find the right type to give your home a unique nighttime ambiance. They are also able to extend your outdoor living time and offer long-lasting performance.
  5. Landscape Lighting Transformers: Excel Electric is your number-one destination for stainless steel landscape lighting transformers, which are known for their longevity and consistent performance. Transformers will allow you to safely supply power to low voltage lighting systems for any outdoor lighting fixtures. Without one, you run a high risk of lighting burning out due to the powerful flow of electricity coming from your receptacles. Our transformers come with a lifetime warranty to ensure you get the power flowing to your landscape lighting fixtures.

Contact Excel Electric today for amazing electrical troubleshooting in Jupiter, FL ensuring your landscape lighting!

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