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Our Electrical Repair Experts Reveal 4 Lighting Upgrades to Consider

Well-lit kitchen

Electrical repair in Jupiter, FL is highly important if you want to maintain your electrical system. However, for any broken lights well beyond repair, you should definitely consider making a lighting upgrade can function in your home due to a lack of visibility and avoid high spending on repair bills.

Upgrading your lighting is also essential to home safety. Electricity is inherently dangerous – to the point where the United States Fire Administration estimates that 6.3% of all home fires are caused by electrical malfunction each year. Faulty lighting won’t be an exception to that rule, and a small flicker may be enough to cause a major emergency.

How Can Excel Electric Help You?

If you’re looking for high-quality electrical repairs and upgrades, please call Excel Electric for service today. We have a team of licensed, fully-trained electricians who are ready to help you. They can provide you with a wide range of lighting upgrades aimed at both enhancing the aesthetic of your home and keeping your family safe including chandeliersLED lighting, recessed lighting, under-the-cabinet lighting, etc. In addition, we conduct high-quality repairs on any existing lights in your home to ensure they are working better than ever. A more comfortable life in your home starts with Excel Electric!

4 Types of Lighting Upgrades

With so many different options for lighting upgrades, you may feel a little lost in deciding what’s best for you. Fortunately, we are here to help! Below are some of the upgrades highly recommended by our experts on electrical repair in Jupiter, FL:

  1. Chandeliers: Creating an environment in your bathroom or kitchen that is luxurious and classy is easy when finding the right chandelier. A chandelier can save space in a smaller kitchen and bathroom. If you have no room for floor lamps in these areas, a chandelier is a great option due to the amount of light and appeal it can offer. You will need to contemplate just how grandiose you want it to be. Contact an electrician at Excel to determine what type of chandelier would fit best with the aesthetic of your home.
  2. Recessed Lighting: This is a great option when trying to make your kitchen or bathroom appear larger in scope. Adding recessed lighting will result in what is called wall washing, which occurs when lighting offers increased illumination to the walls of a particular room. Most homeowners who have sloped ceilings will benefit the most from the installation of recessed lighting and the subsequent wall washing effect it will produce. If this applies to your home, make sure to call Excel Electric immediately for an upgrade.
  3. Bathroom Mirror Lighting: One of the most used methods of illuminating a bathroom is via a mirror with lights built into it. Bathroom mirror lights can offer a level of appeal that is unrivaled and help you navigate through the bathroom during the night. Before these lights are installed, however, you will have to take some measurements to ensure you get the proper fit. Due to the complexity involved in installing these mirrors, you will need to call an electrician at Excel Electric for further assistance.
  4. Shelf and Cabinet Lighting: One of the most poorly lit areas in a bathroom or kitchen is around or under the cabinets. Trying to find spices or even towels without the proper amount of lighting can be nearly impossible. Installing under-the-cabinet lighting is the best way to solve this problem. In addition to bringing light to shelves and cabinets, it can also bring ambiance to the kitchen and bathroom areas in your home.

In addition to these lighting upgrades, contact Excel Electric today if you want to receive high-quality electrical repair in Jupiter, FL making your lights work better than ever!

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