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Common Winter Electrical Problems

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Although homeowners in south Florida use their electricity all year round, the winter months put extra stress on your system you may not think of. It’s crucial for you to be on the lookout for these potentially dangerous issues as chillier temperatures roll through Port St. Lucie and Jupiter. The experts at Excel Electric have put together a list of common electrical problems that plague even Florida homeowners in the winter.

Tripped Breakers

During the winter we spend more time inside trying to say warm and less time on the beach. This means running your heating system, plugging in portable heaters, and having seasonal decorations to add some cheer during cooler nights. All of this extra power usage puts a strain on your electrical system leading to tripped breakers and flickering lights. It can be frustrating to go down into your basement and flipping breakers each time a heater is turned on.

You can prevent this from happening by upgrading your electrical panel to accommodate this strain. A new electrical service panel will be able to accommodate the increased demand and prevent loss of power.

Damaged or Frayed Wires

A damaged wire is dangerous at any time of year but can be particularly harmful in the winter. Damaged wires expose you and your family to electrocution and electrical fires. When the weather is cool you’re less likely to examine your exposed wires or check that your portable heater is fray-free. The experts at Excel Electric can help you stay safe by rewiring your home and ensuring your comfort.

Old Heating Equipment

Old heating appliances can wreak havoc on your electrical system. They often aren’t compatible with modern homes and can frequently short out. These older pieces of equipment must be checked frequently to ensure their wires are in good condition. If wires are failing or components inside malfunction, these older heaters can start an electrical fire or shock family members. We recommend checking your portable heating equipment and ensuring it’s safety before using inside your home.

Static Electricity

Static electricity is an annoying condition that is very common in the winter months. The dry air allows for the build-up of electricity and if you’re near an outlet, this can cause a serious shock for you or a family member. In order to prevent this, Excel Electric recommends getting a humidifier in order to reduce the dry air in your home. 

Why Choose Excel Electric? 

You don’t have to let old wires and tripped breakers take away from your home comfort. The experts at Excel Electric can upgrade your service panel or rewire your electrical system if it can’t keep up. We can handle any electrical problems you may have, from service panel upgrades to outlet installation.

When you choose Excel you can expect:

  • Licensed & Insured Technicians
  • All Work Guaranteed for One Year
  • Upfront/Flat-Rate Pricing
  • Dedication to Customer Satisfaction
  • Risk-Free, High-Quality Electrical Service
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